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November 06, 2007

White n Fluffy

Originally uploaded by klutzoboy
Well, not technically the first snowfall, as we had one a month ago, but didn't really stick. This is really the first snowfall to stick in e-town. About one to two inches woth of the fluffy white.

This is probably the beginning of our Winter. Thankfully it didn't start until after Halloween.

November 01, 2007

TF2: Red Team wins!

Originally uploaded by klutzoboy
Yup.. we sure are a buncha geeks at work. A bunch of my compadres dressed up as this years group costume of choice, Team Fortress 2. I had around 10-15 mins to do a quick photo op, so we put together some quick scenarios. Our competition, Pandemic, EA LA, NCSoft, Blizzard, and other game companies also did likewise. My buddy at Pixar, also said they had some group costumes at ILM.

Check out my flickr here.

Happy Halloween!

October 25, 2007


Fuckitall! I just broke my tripod..

Was trying to set up for some moon shots, and the fucking thing just snapped. It's a manfrotto too, so that's not supposed to happen! GAH! HATE! HATE! HATE!
Anyways, I'm hoping that the camera store will do some sort of exchange for me. FUCKITALL!

October 24, 2007

Does he make you cry?

My daughter has been cultivating a fear of our neighbour across the street.

He's a co-worker of mine, and a very nice fella, but he tends to freak out our little one. He likes to do Dr. Claw impersonations, and has a great mental escapee look. It doesn't help that he's 7 foot 3, and is a touch grabby with toddler toys. Take a look and you be the judge.

Yes, he does have kids of his own FYI.

October 23, 2007

I am Agent Sagan

Someone has had just a bit too much time on their hands. Not too shabby a job, and it almost synchs. I never realized that Billions and Billions of Stars = the Matrix.

October 22, 2007

Cake is a lie!

I've been trying a few demos of games in the last little while. So far there have been some impressive, and some not so impressive ones. Portal which is bundled with the venerable Half Life 2, Team Fortress 2, and Episode 2 from Half Life is tops in terms of dollar value. I'd definitely recommend the Orange Box as a BUY! Other ones that look good, Bioshock has great production value, and an engaging story in a different atmosphere. Great spooky audio, so may make a good halloween purchase. Also released on Halloween this year is Hellgate London. While I've been waiting for this one for quite some time, I'm not entirely sure if I'll pick it up. It's still quite fun (the demo) but not as much fun as I'd have thought. It comes from the makers of Diablo I and II, in a post apocolyptic world. Still, great for a shootemup FPS for sure. The last one I've tried recently is World in Conflict. A short, but very satisfying RTS game, which provided me with as much fun as Company of Heroes . All in all, there's plenty here to sap your pocketbook, so keep on gaming!

October 15, 2007

Happy Blog day!

As this is apparently "Blog Action Day" I've decided to hit up the blog after a bit of a hiatus.

What the heck have we been doing lately? Cleaning up, moving stuff around, taking pictures, sorting out karaoke, and generally raising a little one!

I will endeavor to post more though.

July 18, 2007

Human Tetris

Ahh yes, what do you get when you cross a wacky Japanese Game Show with Tetris?


June 02, 2007

Human Instrument

Shit, this guy can beatbox. This is one of the best examples I've heard. Not sure what sort of lame ass French idol show this was from, but the vid is awesome!

May 31, 2007

Kewl Japanese Commercial

Very neat little video that my bro found. Sure it's Louis Vitton, and they make phones? WTF? Not a commercial as much an animation study.


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